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Northumbria Birthing Centre at NSECH

Northumbria Birthing Centre

Northumbria Birthing Centre provides a support for women throughout pregnancy and for labour and birth. This maternity unit has…

  • 14 labour rooms
  • Epidural
  • Gas & air
  • Diamorphine & Pethidine
  • 2 birth pools
  • Febromed birthing equipment
  • Birth balls & birthing stools
  •  Staff: midwives, anaesthetists and obstetricians
  • 20 private, en-suite postnatal rooms
  • Private en-suite rooms and partners can stay – the maternity unit have recently invested in beds for partners but its still worth double checking that this is an option and ask about bedding as well
  • Special Care Baby Unit for babies who need some extra care
  • Doctors and anaesthetists are available
  •  Visiting: partners can stay but other visitors can visit between 2.30-4pm & 6.30-7.30pm
  •  Parking: £6 for 24 hours

My thoughts about Northumbria Birthing Centre…

The feedback I receive from parents is overwhelmingly positive with comments about good care and experiences. The niggles and slightly negative comments I hear could be attached to any maternity unit – conflicting information, unhelpful comments from some staff members – so it pays to be as assertive as possible, to get the information and the support you need and find most helpful.

I like that there are pools, Febromed and other birthing equipment – it shows some thought into making labouring women comfortable and encouraging movement as well as different ways to manage and work with the contractions. And it makes a huge difference for dads to be able to spend the night.

One comment has always stayed with me and that is about the name of this maternity unit – I have met some mums postnatally who have been confused because they have expected a birthing centre – a unit which is often focused more on natural birth. While NSECH has pools and natural birth equipment, this unit is also a mainstream maternity unit with doctors, epidurals, inductions, caesareans and related policies/procedures. This is not a bad thing at all – in fact it is considered a positive thing by many expectant parents – but be aware of this to manage your expectations of what to the ward will be like.

Tips & comments from parents about Northumbria Birthing Centre…

  • great experience during the birth.
  • overnight support wasn’t as good as it could have been so if I had my time again I’d have pressed the button more often.
  • midwives and student midwives were fab
  • bring change for parking
  • really positive birth with great communication and support
  • take your own bottles and formula if you are not planning to breastfeed
  • take plenty of snacks
  • the care was good but be prepared for the midwives to be busy
  • couldn’t fault them. I didn’t have a straight forward time of if at all but every member of staff I encountered couldn’t have done more for us
  • the rooms were spacious, private and had a toilet and shower
  • they did everything within their power to help me give birth as naturally as possible, even though my body didn’t want to do much and we were at it a long time.

Find out more about Northumbria Birthing Centre and here’s a guide to what to pack in your birth bag.

NSECH, Northumbria Way, Cramlington NE23 6NZ

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  1. Huge congratulations to you both and welcome to world Skye!

  2. Gary Wilkinson says

    Cramlington birthing centre
    Delivered our beautiful baby girl,
    Skye Wilkinson, 11/04/2020
    7lb 9oz (3424 grams) 19:29 hrs.
    A high enough praise for the staff here would be hard to put into words. Every member of the team here were exceptional in every way. Add to that the great facilities, ensuit rooms and bed for birthing partner, 10/10. Even in these difficult times Cramlington were superb. Thank you 💙 Cramlington 💙 NHS

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