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Your 3-4 year old

for toddlers and preschoolers

3-4 year olds are brilliant balls of energy and emotion – they can want to take the world by storm and they are learning to be feisty and independent and they are learning about the world and the people around them.


They may be able to…

  • jump
  • walk backwards
  • stand on one foot
  • use a trike
  • climb stairs confidently
  • balance
  • catch
  • run
  • build a tall tower with block
  • have greater pencil control
  • use scissors
  • copy shapes
  • basic threading
  • using their imagination

Your 3-4 year old may want to be busy doing a combination of physical activities – dancing, jumping, climbing, playing – and quiet activities – crafts, drawing, reading so try to offer a balance of both.

They may be aware of…

  • more, big, small
  • sympathy
  • plans
  • friendships
  • negotiation and control
  • being frightened
  • other people
  • humour
  • being helpful

Your 3-4 year old could be shy in some situations, especially around new people and places, or she could be confident and chatty – try to let her lead the way.

They may enjoy…

  • talking
  • pretend play
  • matching games
  • books
  • puzzles
  • dressing up

Things to try…

  • park, woods, beach
  • dough
  • riding trikes
  • construction
  • cooking
  • cutting and sticking
  • simon says…
  • library
  • party games
  • putting away toys
  • swimming


  • might start to tell fibs
  • playing with rather than alongside
  • bedtime avoidance
  • stubborn
  • awareness of rules/ boundaries and testing them

This is all normal – clear communication and boundaries can be helpful so your 3-4 year old knows more about what is acceptable and where the boundaries are.


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