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Your 5-8 year old

child development

5-8 year olds can be a bundle of energy and excitement, wanting to learn, play and explore. They are also learning about friendships, responsibility
and independence.


5-8 year olds – they may be able to…

  • use the slide and the swings
  • climb
  • skip
  • swim
  • ride a bike
  • ride a scooter
  • jump over things
  • catch and throw
  • construct and build
  • draw and paint
  • thread and sew

They can also like screen time – computer games, watching TV and YouTube – and they may seem reluctant to do something else, especially if it is new or different. If you can limit the screen time and get them out, they will enjoy the new activities and a chance to be active and challenged.

5-8 year olds – they may be aware of…

  • time, weight, measurement
  • meaning of words
  • responsibility
  • reassurance
  • negotiation
  • the news
  • explanations and reasons
  • control of feelings
  • taking turns
  • the concept of ‘fair’
  • rules (from age 7)
  • difference between right and wrong (from age 7)

5-8 year olds – they may enjoy…

  • being active
  • writing – alphabet and then words
  • more detailed drawings
  • constructing
  • getting dressed on their own
  • pretend play
  • reading
  • interacting with other children and adults
  • using and showing new skills

things to try…

In addition to everything mentioned above, try introducing games with rules


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