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Your 9-12 Year Old

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Child Development – Your 9-12 Year Old


They may be able to…

  • use tools such as a hammer or cooking utensils
  • draw with more detail
  • learn facts although they may not have a deep understanding of them
  • take part in team sports
  • be physically stronger


They may be aware of…

  • learning a new skill
  • being aware of right and wrong
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • sharing ideas
  • fairness
  • responsibility and being trusted to complete a task
  • developing new interests, which they may obsess over
  • focusing on an activity or a project until it is finished
  • time but they may need help to plan in an effective way
  • their own beliefs and will think that everyone thinks the same way
  • having a conscience
  • friendships are important to them
  • using and applying logic
  • decision making
  • likes and dislikes


They may enjoy…

  • sport, dance, being on their bike or scooter
  • clubs and groups
  • food – by 11-12 years old they will be hungry a lot
  • being with their friends
  • cooking
  • constructing


Emotionally and physically there is a lot going on at this age, with a lot of new behaviours and changes…

  • they are getting ready for and starting to go through puberty
  • intense mood swings
  • becoming critical of themselves and others
  • quick anger
  • rapid height growth
  • carry more fat than before this stage
  • arguments and door slamming
  • more arguments among friendship groups
  • egocentric – the world revolved around them
  • uncooperative
  • a need to conform


What can help?

  • good communication
  • listen to them and try not to judge
  • talk to them about sex or puberty and let them ask questions
  • give them reassurance – they are going through a lot of change and they need to feel safe
  • spend time with them


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