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baby & toddler safety over Christmas

This is a busy, boozy time of year with plenty of families having visitors, travelling around to see family and friends or staying with family. It is a happy time of celebration, gratitude and spending time with people but it is also a time of more accidents, so here’s a few things to be aware of…

  • quite rightly people relax at Christmas but someone needs to be responsible for the younger kids, to make sure they are safe.
  • there is a lot of food around, and probably way more snacks than normal – just make sure little hands can’t got hold of choking hazards like nuts, popcorn and sweets, not to mention the booze – a 2 year old can sweep the room faster than a desperate teenager!
  • small toys can also be choking hazards and make sure children can’t get hold of batteries
  • checking things like fire guards and stair gates are in place – especially if you are in someone else’s house
  • make sure small hands can’t get into any bags or coat pockets, which may contain money, food and tablets that a that a toddler could happily eat
  • kitchens can be busy places – make sure knives, pans, hot liquids and cleaning products are out of reach or can’t be knocked into
  • children will be excited and there can be plenty of running around – just make sure the kids aren’t racing around with anything in their mouth as this can be a choking hazard and it can also knock out teeth! And the younger children will want to follow the bigger kids upstairs or outside so they may need to be supervised
  • are there any strangling hazards? – such as cords on blinds and curtains or on Christmas lights


You also need to make sure that sleep remains safe for your baby…

  • Just a reminder not to put anything other than your baby in their cot
  • If you bed-share, make sure you are sober – drunk partners may have to sleep somewhere else.
  • Don’t sleep in a chair or on the sofa with your baby – especially if you have been drinking


Sorry to be all doom and gloom and I know this stuff is just common sense but we often don’t think of these extra hazards with babies and young children, especially if we are visiting someone else’s house over Christmas. There is more guidance here for a safer Christmas.

Have a good one!


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