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Parent Wellbeing

As a parent you may feel overwhelmed at times and in need of support with some of the many parenting challenges or you might feel overwhelmed by your desire to get it right – the expectations and pressure can be enormous – so talking it through can be very beneficial.

Babies, children and teenagers are always developing, growing and changing and, as a parent, you are always learning and adapting to these changes. Getting support and reassurance about what is normal, what to expect and how to work with and manage these changes and different behaviours can make a huge difference to your confidence and your coping strategies.

Parents book 1:1 sessions with me for lots of different reasons…

  • pregnancy sessions & birth debrief
  • birth preparation
  • baby preparation
  • new babies/new parents
  • thinking about having another baby
  • preparing for another baby
  • bedtime & sleep for babies and children
  • going back to work after maternity leave
  • loss of identity
  • work/life balance
  • being a parent & parenting challenges
  • meeting the needs of more than one child
  • feeling overwhelmed as a parent
  • spending time together as a couple
  • changing relationships with friends and family
  • managing stress & anxiety as a parent

The aim of these 1:1 sessions is to provide you with the time to offload, to talk through the challenges, to gain support and reassurance while also building a toolkit of coping strategies that work for you and your family.

Session Information

£40 for 90 minutes, which includes session notes

Regular appointments can also be made…
Every 6 weeks | £35 | 90 minute sessions

Daytime, Evening & Weekend sessions are available so consultations can be arranged at a time to best suit you.

Monday: 9.30am | 1pm | 4pm | 7pm
Wednesday: 4pm | 7pm
Thursday: 9.30am | 1pm| 4pm | 7pm
Friday: 9.30am | 4pm | 7pm
Saturday: 10am

I run sessions in North Shields but it is also possible to come to you if you live in Newcastle or Tyneside.

You can pay for your 1:1 session here and then get in touch to book your appointment.
Just get in touch if you would prefer to pay by online banking.

1:1 Parent Session

A 90-minute 1:1 parent session


writingAs a specialist in antenatal and postnatal support, I have worked with parents since 2002. I have also trained as a coach to be able to work with parents beyond the postnatal period.

To find out more and to make your appointment, just send me a message.
Janine | Birth, Baby & Family
A specialist in parent support

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An experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting, I have worked with parents since 2002. I am based in the North East so I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across North Tyneside. Face-to-face sessions will continue with North East parents but digital courses and online sessions means I can work with parents everywhere.