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Just a few words about perimenopause…

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Last year was awful, this year is good – accepting the peri-menopause and it’s many and varied symptoms has made a huge difference. When I have energy and motivation, I am on fire and nothing is beyond me but when I am tired and I have brain-fog, everything is a slog.

My current coping strategies are sleep, eating as well as possible, walking, good gin, curling up, being honest and talking about it. I have always been a list maker but now I write down everything, to keep me focused even when my brain is full of cotton wool. And I have a book of positivity – not as wanky as it sounds, honest! – to refer to when self-criticism kicks in and my brain tells me I’m shit at everything and it pulls me out of a wallowing funk.

Despite all the change, I feel more empowered and in control because I’m getting better at working with it and managing it. It’s still really shit at times but it’s about keeping going as positively and as well as possible.

It’s not easy and the peri-menopause can last for years so it is important to get the support you need and to find what works for you.


Janine Smith

older, wiser and a bit more emotional