Tips For Weaning

Weaning your baby can be an exciting next step but it can also be an anxious time and one filled with conflicting and well-meaning advice.

I have run weaning workshops every month for a number of years now and each session is different because the needs of each parent is unique. For some families weaning is a breeze and for others, it takes a while and they can be left feeling like they are doing something wrong.

Here’s some simple tips for you…

  1. Wait until they are ready – there’s rarely a need to start this early. I get a lot of messages from very stressed out mums whose babies don’t seem to be enjoying food or progressing onto three meals a day when they are 6 months old – it can be helpful to go at their pace.
  2. Don’t expect too much from your baby – he may need to learn how to eat and enjoy different textures and flavours. Some babies dive right in with food and love everything, others are more cautious and need more time for food to become familiar and enjoyable.
  3. You can do a combination of purees/spoon-feeding and baby-led if that works best for you and your baby – this question comes up all the time in sessions and you don’t have to choose a method.
  4. Your baby might be a grazer, wanting little and often throughout the day rather than set meals. This can be stressful for parents because it can seem like their baby is refusing food, or that they are struggling to read their baby. Some babies are snackers and they are happier trying tastes and bits of food throughout the day.
  5. Your baby needs milk as his main source of calories and nutrients until they are one – so their milk needs have to come first, food is additional. It can help if you see the first few months of weaning as the time for your baby to learn to eat different solid food.


I run small-group weaning sessions every month and I will be introducing an online weaning session as well. Just get in touch to book on to a weaning workshop.

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