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Being a qualified and experienced practitioner…

I am really proud of my professional qualifications – I worked hard with 2 small children to train to work with parents in pregnancy, for birth and during the first year with their baby. And I have supplemented these qualifications with additional training to provide different services such as baby massage, a doula service and 1:1 support for parents of older children.

And I am incredibly proud of my work with parents – since 2002 I have provided group and 1:1 sessions for thousands of local parents. It’s not just about knowledge and expertise, it’s about listening, empathy and reassurance; it’s about providing a supportive space where parents can talk openly and with confidence about their worries and about any challenges they are experiencing; it’s about conversation, friendships and easing isolation and it’s about personalised support with discussion, empowerment and trying different coping strategies rather than quick fixes and unrealistic expectations.

Janine Smith feedbackParent support and wellbeing is important to me, it is the foundation of my work. Pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent can be a time of enormous change and challenge and you need to be in safe hands so you are heard and so you have comfortable, safe support as you need it.

I possess a unique combination of qualifications, training and experience – I am trained to work with parents to provide pregnancy support, birth preparation, babyloss support, postnatal groups and 1:1 sessions, new baby support and birth debrief sessions.

There can be a lot of options out there and I want you to be in safe hands so looking at recommendations, qualifications and experience can be a vital step to ensure you get the right sessions and support for you.

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