Straight-forward Birth

Straightforward Birth: gather knowledge in pregnancy

Your birth preparation obviously needs to start in pregnancy when you can think about the type of birth you want, what appeals to you and how you envisage doing labour and birth.

Write this down so can focus on what you might need to know and to do so you know more about your options and what you may need to do to prepare well for the birth of your baby.

Your birth preparation can involve:

classes – it is worth researching and investing in some good ones so you are better prepared for the reality of labour and birth.

thinking about where to have your baby – so you know what your options are

reading – there’s a range of articles on offer on my website, I am also writing a pregnancy & birth guide and there’s my Birth Guides, in addition to the books available, which I will come to in a later post.

talk to your midwife – and ask questions so you can gather more information and so you know more about your options

follow #tynesidebirth – for information, ideas and strategies for labour and birth, local maternity units and classes

For more information about preparing for the birth of your baby, just get in touch.
Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting