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Labour and Birth Essentials

labour and birth essentials

These labour and birth essentials provide a range of practical information, ideas and tips to boost your knowledge and wellbeing for labour and birth, for induction and for caesareans.

No two births are the same and your need for information, support and reassurance can vary. As a practitioner who has worked with expectant parents for almost 20 years, I passionately believe in good education for all births – not just your ideal birth.

These guides provide a foundation of essential knowledge, strategies and practical information for labour and for birth so you know more of what to expect, what you can do and the questions to ask.

Your body and your baby during labour and birth

labour and birth essentials

Using different positions

Using relax & breathe techniques for all births

Useful tips

Tips for birth partners

If you are being induced

Essentials to consider during labour

If you are having a caesarean

To talk through the birth of your baby

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