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Right now, I feel happy. As I sit here with my coffee, by the fire, I am happy, content, relaxed.

Happiness can be fleeting and I try to enjoy the moments when everything is in place and I feel good.

There can be a lot of expectations around Happy – if I am not happy, does that mean I am sad? Sometimes but not always, sometimes it just means I am busy, juggling, stressed, mad or just not able to sit and be and reflect on being happy.

I went to hear a conversation with Caitlin Moran last year and she talked about our desire for your children ‘to just be happy’ and how much of a big ask that is. It suddenly dawned on me that it is a big ask of our children and a big ask of ourselves.

We don’t always have to be happy in every moment of every day and that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong or that we are depressed. Even when I have been depressed, I have also been happy – emotions are a complicated business.

Long term unhappiness is not good and something probably needs to change but, surely, happiness that comes and goes is normal?

Sometimes it is ok just to be. Some days we just need to go with the busyness, with the stress and frustration, with the juggling, with the demands of work, life, kids. Sometimes we need to just accept the ups and downs of our life and just be.

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