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Coronavirus and pregnancy

Coronavirus and pregnancy is still an important issue. Lockdown might be easing but pregnant women are still classed as clinically vulnerable. If you are in your third trimester, it is advised that you should be attentive to social distancing.

Pregnant women are being advised to be cautious because some viral infections, such as the flu, are known to be worse during pregnancy. Although current evidence tells us that the majority of pregnant women who come down with coronavirus will experience only mild/moderate symptoms.

Key guidance for pregnant women

  • keep mobile and hydrated
  • stay alert and safe with social distancing and wearing face masks
  • eat well
  • take Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements
  • attend all of your scans and appointments, unless you are told not to
  • if you are concerned about either yourself or your baby, seek medical assistance

If you develop symptoms
If you think you are experiencing symptoms, call 111 for further guidance and let your midwife know.

Maternity Unit Guidance
During lockdown many units were very strict with policies around homebirth, birth partners and additional people attending appointments and scans. These policies are now being assessed and relaxed where possible but this is unique to each maternity unit so it is worth asking questions to find out more about where you are – the Maternity Voices Group for your maternity unit is a useful place to find information.

The RCOG Guidance goes into more detail about coronavirus and pregnancy.

Coronavirus is a new illness and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. Lockdown helped to flattened the curve but it looks like we have to continue to live alongside it for a while yet. As such, I guess it worth being cautious to stay well.

My antenatal sessions are now running online as 1:1 consultations or small group classes to continue to provide essential information and skills for expectant parents. I am also about to launch a range of affordable antenatal and postnatal workshops.

Janine, working with parents since 2002

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An experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting, I have worked with parents since 2002. I am based in the North East so I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across North Tyneside. Face-to-face sessions will continue with North East parents but digital courses and online sessions means I can work with parents everywhere.

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