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World Menopause Day

It is World Menopause Day and I would just like to share my experience of perimenopause because it has been very challenging.

Women’s hormones have been the butt of jokes forever with periods and menopause belittled to just women’s problems so let’s not deal with them. Women have been dealing with this secretly and alone – thankfully this is changing but we still need more education, knowledge, discussion, conversation and policies to acknowledge these challenges and to better support women.

Perimenopause has left me exhausted, emotional and lacking in confidence and worth. Sometimes I can’t sleep, sometimes all I can do is sleep, I can struggle to see the joy in anything, my anxiety can be through the roof, my depression can be deep, I can have brain fog, I can hate myself, I have migraines and gum issues.

My friends, who are the same age, obviously get it and we all support each other but there’s no: are you ok? how can I help? do you want to talk about it? from anyone else. I don’t like fuss but just some recognition that this is a life-changing and a real struggle would be awesome.

Despite all of this women remain capable – we work, we parent, we partner, we keep going but it is a struggle and it can damage relationships and friendships. We are not weak, we are exhausted.