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Third Trimester: Keep Moving

third trimester fitness

Again, this is about what works for you – you could be pretty active or you could be pottering around. This is all about listening to your body.

As ever, something gentle like walking can work wonders for mood, wellbeing, backache and general stiffness in your joints.

In the third trimester your body is continuing to change shape, which can put more pressure on your back and on your joints – some movement is going to help you feel better. Pregnancy yoga may also help you at this time as well.

It can also be about not sitting for too long if you start to get achey and sore – you can break this up by sitting on a ball or having frequent wanders to move your bum a bit.

Remember, this is about gentle and regular movement and it doesn’t have to be about big exercise routines, especially if that was not part of your life before pregnancy.

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Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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