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Parenting in the pandemic

What is your experience of parenting in the pandemic? I would like to collate and share your honest stories of the highs and the lows – which will be totally anonymous.

I would love to know how parenting in the pandemic impacted any of these:

  • pregnancy
  • being induced
  • labour & birth
  • having a new baby
  • having a baby or toddler
  • babyloss

It has been a tough year, affecting people in so many different ways and I would like to capture your experiences – the brilliant and the challenging – to document them and remember them.

Parenting in the pandemic

Please feel free to message me your stories and you can make it as brief or as long as you like. Please be reassured that your stories are in safe hands, which is why I will keep them anonymous, so you can speak freely.

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An experienced specialist in pregnancy, birth & early parenting, I have worked with parents since 2002. I am based in the North East so I regularly work with parents from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and across North Tyneside. Face-to-face sessions will continue with North East parents but digital courses and online sessions means I can work with parents everywhere.