Mother Cuppa Sponsorship

Mother Cuppa is a weekly group for parents on maternity leave – a safe space to offload, ease isolation and feel reassured with the many challenges that exist throughout the first year with a baby.

With a cafe session and a new online session, Mother Cuppa provides a warm welcome and ongoing support for parents.

As an experienced antenatal and postnatal practitioner, I have worked with parents for 20 years and I started facilitating weekly postnatal groups in 2008.

There are common themes within the group but conversations and needs remain individual and varied. We talk about a range of issues and any challenges being faced around:

  • your pregnancy & birth experience
  • recovery from birth
  • sleep & being tired
  • feeding
  • baby development & growth spurts
  • reassurance of what’s normal
  • being a mum
  • loss of identity
  • feeling isolated
  • relationship & friendship changes
  • low mood & anxiety
  • having a bad day
  • how tough it can be
  • dealing with conflicting advice
  • weaning
  • going back to work

Mother Cuppa is a group for parents – to listen, to support and to be on hand when needed. Some mums come along most weeks, while others dip in and out and many book their baby classes around this group.

Janine really understands what new parents need. Through Mother Cuppa she has provided a completely safe space to ask questions, share experiences, cry, celebrate successes and most importantly, build friendships. She is warm, kind and professional and she has made me feel more listened to than any other specialist. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but uses emotional intelligence and intuition to really get to the heart of what might help you and your little one to get through the tough times of pregnancy and parenthood. I don’t live near family so accessing her support has been a real comfort. If you are pregnant or have recently started a family and have had those days where you really need someone to reach out to, don’t hesitate to contact Janine.

Why am I looking for sponsorship?

  • To keep making a difference to expectant and new parents by providing ongoing and consistent support, information and reassurance.
  • With sponsorship I can grow the group and reach more parents with the weekly in-person group and the weekly online session.
  • To provide parents, who may be feeling overwhelmed and who may be struggling, to have a community they can feel part of.

How can you help?

With an annual sponsorship, which can be paid monthly, you would provide Mother Cuppa with security and an opportunity to grow.

Here’s some more information about Mother Cuppa

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about Mother Cuppa and how you can help.

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