A Practical Guide to How Babies Work

This is a guide about how babies work – what they need, how they develop, how they behave, what they challenges are and how to meet their needs.

It is a practical guide based on latest research, parent experiences and first-hand experience – it has been designed to provide you with a good range of information, options and reassurance so you can have realistic expectations about your baby and be encouraged to find what works best for you and your baby.

I hope you find it useful.

Janine | Birth, Baby & Family
A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

The Practical Guide to How Babies Work


All you need to do is make your payment here with paypal and your Practical Guide To How Babies Work will be emailed over to you. Just let me know if you have any queries…

cropped-janine-birth-baby-network.jpgI have worked with parents since 2002 and, as a practitioner with professional training and experience, I am trusted to provide a balance of reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and much needed reassurance.

My approach is not about telling you what to do – it is to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, it is about providing ideas and information, helping you to formulate plans and to find what works for you and for your family.

The focus is on your wellbeing in pregnancy, for birth, as a parent and as you, the person behind the parent and I have created informal but effective small group and 1:1 sessions to benefit you.