Pregnancy & birth after babyloss


There are no words to describe the loss and grief of a baby or child – it is a unique experience, which is felt differently by every parent. If you become pregnant after babyloss, you might be feeling on top of it, or you could be feel anxious, scared and unsure of how to prepare and what to expect.

There are many reasons behind why I run small group antenatal classes and 1:1 sessions and one of them is because you may be preparing for birth after loss – a small group can feel more supportive, while giving you an antenatal course with other parents or you may prefer 1:1 sessions to talk openly and prepare around your own fears and emotions. There’s no right way with this, it is what feels best for you.

Your birth preparation options can include:

  • the antenatal course: 5 sessions to focus on labour and birth, as well as introducing  a new baby to your family. This includes a relax & breathe session.
  • birth/babyloss debrief – a 1:1 session to talk through the loss of your baby, which may also include the birth of your baby
  • 1:1 birth preparation: one or two sessions to focus on your need for information, options and practical skills
  • 1:1 relax & breathe for pregnancy and birth – simple and effective breathing and relaxation techniques to benefit you in pregnancy as well as in labour

wordswag_15554411234922054664411553962485.pngWith Janine Smith
A specialist in pregnancy & birth, early parenting and parent wellbeing

I have worked with parents since 2002 and, as a practitioner with professional training and experience, I am trusted to provide a balance of reliable knowledge, non-judgemental support and much needed reassurance.

My approach is not to tell you what to do – it is to listen, to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, it is about providing ideas and information, helping you to formulate plans and to find what works for you and for your family.

The focus is on your wellbeing in pregnancy, for birth, as a parent and as you, the person behind the parent and I have created informal but effective small group and 1:1 sessions to benefit you.

I have also experienced babyloss – my third child died when he was three days old. This has given me a unique insight into babyloss and grief and this has enabled me to work with a number of grieving parents when they are pregnant again.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries about finding the right birth preparation for you.