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Ask & Answer…

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I’m introducing a new feature on the blog…

There will be a weekly column answering your questions about the dilemmas that can come up as part of early family life.

You can send me your dilemmas, which will remain anonymous, and you can also offer suggestions for each dilemma.

I’m going to get started with these three quandaries…

  1. “I want to go back to work part time but my husband is a bit resistant to this and would prefer that I work full time – he doesn’t seem to get it and it is causing some tension.”
  2. “I just feel so low and lonely at times – I was expecting to meet loads of mums on maternity leave and it just hasn’t really happened. I go to groups, and everyone is friendly and chatty but I don’t see anyone outside of that.”
  3. “I really don’t want my in-laws here straight away after the baby is born, I just know they are going to turn up at the hospital.”

Each column will be anonymous – you can message me here with:

  • your early parenting/family dilemmas
  • your suggestions to a dilemma

Let me know if you have any questions and please do share.