Baby Sleep Consultations

Baby Sleep Consultations

Baby sleep consultations have been carefully designed to support you when you are tired, out of ideas and maybe feeling like you are doing something wrong.

Baby sleep is a huge issue, which can leave you exhausted, thinking you are doing something wrong and keen to find solutions.

With babies usually comes a lack of sleep – this is completely normal but it doesn’t mean it is easy. It can help to understand why babies sleep differently, what might encourage better sleep and how you can look after yourself and get more rest.

There are no easy solutions when it comes to babies and sleep but expectations for a full night of sleep can be unrealistic. This then leaves you not just tired but frustrated and feeling like you are missing something important.

I have worked with parents for a number of years and I know how varied and exhausting it can be. Good information, as well as having someone to listen can make a lot of difference.

Baby Sleep Consultations – to talk through

  • your baby or child’s sleep – what they need and what can affect their sleep
  • expectations around baby sleep
  • creating a safe sleep environment
  • night-time parenting
  • gentle daytime routines, depending on the age of your baby
  • practical coping strategies for managing with less sleep
  • tip & ideas for sleep and naps

“This was a great session – I know I am not doing anything wrong. My expectations about sleep are a bit more realistic now.”

“We really needed this because we are tired and in need of a fresh perspective on our baby’s sleep.”

“Can’t thank you enough – I really needed to talk about his sleep and to think about how I can manage the night wake-ups.”

Book your baby sleep consultations

You can book an individual 90-minute session or arrange a package of three 60-90 minute sessions.

I am able to offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments – you can simply message me using the form below to arrange your sessions.

£60 / £150

Baby Sleep Consultations

Sleep and being tired is one of the biggest challenges for parents with a baby – a desire for more sleep and trying to find solutions are one of the most common conversations in baby groups.

The reality is that there is no quick fix when it comes to your baby’s sleep – most babies need to wake at night for food or for comfort. As a postnatal practitioner, it is important for me to focus on the evidence behind the biological needs of your baby, so you can have more realistic expectations and plan for night-wakings and getting support for more rest.

A big part of my role is to provide good information, support and reassurance so you feel listened to, so you can feel more confident and better able to manage to lack of sleep.

Please feel free to message me here with any queries.

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