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Baby Sleep Session
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Baby sleep is a huge issue for tired parents, who are keen to find solutions. With babies usually comes a lack of sleep – this is completely normal but it doesn’t mean it is easy. It can help to understand why babies sleep differently, what might encourage better sleep and how you can look after you and get more rest.

There are no easy solutions when it comes to babies and sleep but expectations for a full night of sleep can be unrealistic. This then leaves you not just tired but frustrated and feeling like you are doing something wrong.

I have worked with parents for a number of years now and I know how varied and exhausting it can be. Having someone to listen and provide calm, knowledgeable reassurance can make a lot of difference.

My Baby Sleep Session has been carefully designed to support you when you are tired and out of ideas. The aim of this sleep support is not to tell you what to do or to give you rigid routines. It is about having the the opportunity to talk it through and to gain information, ideas and a fresh perspective on your baby’s sleep.

My suggestions are gentle and practical, encouraging you to follow your baby’s cues and to make changes so you can get more rest.

Your baby sleep session will look at…

  • baby sleep cues
  • knowledge about baby brain development, sleep needs and the different reasons why babies need to wake in the night
  • creating a safe sleep environment
  • developing a gentle bedtime routine, including winding down and getting ready for sleep
  • looking at a gentle daytime routine, depending on the age of your baby
  • coping strategies for managing with less sleep

You will benefit from:
*a calm knowledgeable approach
*personalised sessions with an experienced practitioner
*notes, resources and downloads
*ongoing information, support and reassurance

Your 1:1 sessions can be in-person or by video call and appointments can be made at a time to best suit you.


“We really needed this because we are tired and in need of a fresh perspective on our baby’s sleep.”

“This was a great session – I know I am not doing anything wrong. My expectations about sleep are a bit more realistic now.”

Baby Sleep Sessions can be in-person or with video/phone call
Appointments can be made at a time to best suit you.

£50 | 90-minute session
£105 for 3 x 60-minute sessions

with session notes and the Practical Guide to Baby Sleep

You can also arrange to pay in instalments.

Just send me a message here to find out more and to arrange your sessions.
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