Being A Mum Workshop

wp-1547580618788..jpgBeing A Mum Session
Your life as a mum, loss of identity, new priorities & challenges, changes in relationships & developing coping strategies

March 14 | May 23 | July 25


The aim of this session is to provide you with discussion, a chance to ask questions and offload, and to gain support and reassurance.

You can come along with your baby from when they are a newborn until they are about one – if you need support after that, you can still book a 1:1 session.

This workshop is based on knowledge and experience and it has been designed to provide you with much needed support and the space to think about your new role as a mum.

This workshop will look at:

  • becoming a mum and what that means for you
  • new priorities and challenges of life as a mum
  • relationships changes
  • loss of identity
  • practical coping strategies

March 14 | May 23 | July 25
1-3pm | Thursdays | monthly | £15 | North Shields |
for parents from Newcastle & Tyneside

You can make an online payment – just get in touch for online banking details – or you can book and pay with Paypal here…


Postnatal Workshop – Being A Mum

March 14 | May 23 | July 25 – Just let me which session you would like to book on to


Workshops are limited to 6 spaces so the sessions are informal, friendly and helpful – just send me a message if you have any queries.

With Janine Smith
mum of three and a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting