Birth Debrief Consultations

Birth Debrief Consultations are informal and effective sessions to talk through and make sense of the birth of your baby and your recovery

If you have questions or you feel upset after the birth of your baby, it can be helpful to talk it through. Parents book sessions with me for different reasons – it might be that your birth didn’t go to plan, medical interventions may have left you feeling shocked or the intensity of it may have been overwhelming.

And birth doesn’t have to have been traumatic, talking it through and making sense of what you experienced can be very helpful. I also work with mums who want to talk through how birth has left them feeling about themselves and their body.

There is no right time to have a birth debrief, I see parents at different times…

  • during the first weeks or months when it is fresh in your mind
  • if you are thinking about having another baby but the birth is still weighing on your mind
  • if you are pregnant again and in need of a birth debrief before you can prepare for birth again.

You will benefit from calm, knowledgeable support and reassurance.
These are confidential sessions to talk about the birth of your baby, the effect it has had on you, to ask questions and to be listened to.

You can attend a birth debrief on your own or with your partner.

Client testimonials

“It really helped to go through everything, to make some sense of it and to be honest about how I am feeling.”

“I really needed the time to focus on the birth of my first baby to help me get my head ready for the birth of my second baby. I felt less anxious after our session and I was able to put everything into perspective.”

Arranging your sessions

  • Your sessions will be by video call or over the phone if you prefer.
  • You can use the diary below to book a 90-minute session (£55).
  • Or you can message me below to organise three 1-hour sessions (£110) for ongoing information, support and reassurance.
  • You can pay for your sessions here.

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