Birth Preparation Consultations

Birth preparation sessions focus on your individual need for knowledge, practical skills, strategies, plans and confidence.

These consultations are tailored to you, providing a foundation of robust knowledge, strategies and skills you can rely on.

Antenatal Course | £150 with 6 online sessions

A thorough course based on experience, up-to-date information and proven practical skills to better prepare you for the reality of labour, birth and your new baby.
This course is not about birth or babies being easy, it is about having good knowledge, being at the centre of your care, managing any challenges and knowing what you can do.

Labour & Birth Essentials | £100 | 2 x 2 hour sessions

This is ideal for first-time parents but it also works great as a refresher for parents to focus on labour and birth again.
From your first contraction to meeting your baby, these sessions will focus on labour and birth: what makes a difference, what you can do, pain management, managing the challenges, positions and movement and the basics of using your breathing.

Labour and Birth Essentials

2 x 2-hour sessions


For Second-Time Parents | £100 | 2 sessions

I work with a lot of second and third time parents who are preparing for labour, birth and baby again. Two sessions often work well to focus on a combination of birth debrief, to talk through any anxieties or worries about birth again or having a new baby, to discuss birth options and to prepare with refreshed birth or baby knowledge.

These are your sessions to ask questions and focus on gathering the information and reassurance you need to feel better prepared.

Sessions last between 90minutes and 2 hours – so there’s no rush.

For 2nd Time Parents

2 Sessions


And you can also focus on specific issues

Relax & Breathe | Brilliantly simple and effective breathing and relaxation skills to use during pregnancy and birth and with your baby.

Refresher | For second-time parents to focus on labour, birth & having a new baby again.

Easing Fears & Worries | For all expectant parents to talk through any concerns about labour and birth.

Induction Preparation | For anyone who is being induced so you know more about what to expect, your options and how to manage your induction

Caesarean Preparation | Getting you prepared for your planned caesarean with information, options and recovery.

Beyond Birth | Getting better prepared for life with your new baby, your recovery and looking after yourself in those first few weeks.

Birth & Baby Preparation

90-minute session


You can also arrange to pay in instalments.

You will benefit from:
*a calm knowledgeable approach
*working with an experienced practitioner
*practical resources and downloads to use in pregnancy, during labour and when your baby is here
*ongoing information, support and reassurance

Your 1:1 sessions can be in-person if you live on Tyneside or by video call. Appointments can be made at a time to best suit you.

This is how your personal consultations work…

* If you are on Tyneside it may be possible to arrange face-to-face appointments
* Or your appointments can take place over Zoom
* We will talk through the information so you have a chance to ask questions
* You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions afterwards

To find out more please don’t hesitate to send a message.
Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting