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To read, learn, discuss and ask questions so you can feel more confident about birth and life with your baby.

Birth & Baby Conversations is a wonderful little online space for expectant and new parents – away from social media – to gather information, ask questions, chat and feel supported.

With useful content and resources, an experienced perspective and different parent stories you will be well-informed and able to think about your expectations and considerations for birth as well as life with your baby.

There will be:

  • birth & baby tips and comment on the Notes feature
  • topics with a birth and baby focus
  • a focus on wellbeing with relax & breathe resources
  • a place for conversation and questions with the chat feature

And each post is designed to be brief, interesting and useful so you can read them in bed, as you make a brew or on the go.

“Janine has a wealth of knowledge and she happily answered our questions and gave use the reassurance we needed to feel better prepared and able.”

“We gained lots of information and tools that helped us make decisions for birth and when our daughter was here.”

“You gave us a wide range of information and points to consider in preparation for birth and life with our new baby.”

“Janine’s approach is warm, welcoming and direct, she provided information in a way that made sense to me.”

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As an online space, this is for parents everywhere.
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