Relax And Breathe For Pregnancy, Birth & Baby

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With Relax & Breathe For Birth you can focus on using effective skills, combined with positions, during pregnancy, birth and with your baby.

Based on experience, research and proven techniques, you can relax during pregnancy and then rely on robust strategies for birth and as you heal and settle your new baby.

These are also simple skills to use every day throughout your pregnancy – for aches and pains as well as to manage any stress or anxiety and they can boost your wellbeing during pregnancy and when your baby is here.

Knowing how to use your breathing, means you can…

  • relax & de-stress
  • head off any panic
  • work with your contractions
  • manage your energy in labour
  • manage any aches and discomfort
  • be calm if you feel overwhelmed
  • encourage your contractions to work effectively
  • stay calm if your birth plan changes

Relax & Breathe provides an opportunity for birth partners to know how to stay calm and to provide effective support.


“I found the breathing really helpful in labour. I trusted my body and focusing on my breathing kept me calm, focused and in control.”

“You helped me breathe my small one into the world…and through every day since.”

“I don’t think I could have got through it as well without knowing how to use and focus on my breathing.”

These sessions are ideal if you are expecting your first baby, as well as a refresher if you are getting ready to birth again. There are three course options for you…

£55 | 90 minute session
£105 | 3 x 60 minute sessions
£35 | Online Self-Paced Course

You can also arrange to pay in instalments.

You will benefit from:
*a calm knowledgeable approach
*working with an experienced practitioner
*practical resources and downloads to use in pregnancy, during labour and when your baby is here
*ongoing information, support and reassurance

Your 1:1 sessions can be in-person if you live on Tyneside or by video call and appointments can be made at a time to best suit you.

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I developed Relax & Breathe in 2009 and I have held sessions with expectant parents almost monthly since then. I love this session because I know how vital breathing skills can be to stay focused, to manage pain, to boost energy and to help with any anxiety or panic. 

To find out more please don’t hesitate to send a message.
Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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