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Beyond Birth Approach

The Beyond Birth Approach is for you as an expectant and new parent. During pregnancy you can use this approach to prepare for life with your new baby – to think about what you and your baby might need and how you can manage any challenges during those early days and weeks. With a new baby you can use the information and prompts to better understand what is going on and to think about what you might need and what could help you as you get to know your baby and look after yourself as well. The 4th trimester can be a unique and intense time, often providing a huge learning curve, which can feel overwhelming for new parents. This approach aims to provide a foundation of knowledge about new baby behaviour, how they grow and develop, where the challenges can be and how you can look after yourself. The Beyond Birth Approach As part of this approach. I will posing some questions and encouraging you to focus on what you need to know as …