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do birth on purpose

Do Birth On Purpose

The Do Birth On Purpose Approach is for you as an expectant parent, to think about how you are planning for the birth of your baby, the information you might need and how to say what you need. It’s important to know more about all births rather than just your idea birth – no-one ever knows which way birth can go so effective knowledge can make a huge difference. Through regular posts – as well as my courses and sessions – I aim to encourage you to have a more strategic and informed approach towards labour, birth and the early days with your baby. Being educated about birth is important so you know your options and so you can keep gathering the information you need to keep yourself at the centre of your care. It’s about thinking about the birth you want – or need – and how you prepare for that. What is helpful for labour and birth, for an induction, for a caesarean and what could be unhelpful. Doing labour & birth on …