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Birth on TV

I don’t watch many real birth programmes on TV mainly because they upset me so much and make me angry. The ones I have seen mainly show women on a bed – with no apparent reason for being there; and it’s all bright lights, interruptions and being told what to do and then is it any surprise that each labouring woman struggles and needs assistance. Labour and birth can be bloody tough – there’s pain, there’s endurance and there needs to be the right mindset/preparation, knowledge and support for the unpredictability and the amazing intensity. Women’s needs vary so much in labour but as a mother, as a doula and as a seasoned antenatal teacher I do know what can make a difference: being listened to; being asked what you need; being treated with kindness, compassion and professionalism; a gentle birth environment so you are encouraged to move and respond to the needs of your body and your baby with active birth equipment and birth pools; softer lighting and quiet; medical staff who are part …