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Looking After You

Being a parent can be exhausting and demanding so it is important to look after you. This often be talked about as something we must do, but never get around to, leaving us frazzled, frustrated and running on empty. The concept of looking after you will be different for everyone but it is about doing whatever you need and whatever is realistic to feel like you have had a break and to feel like you have done something for you. This could be going away for a night or having a day out but it could also be having an hour on your own, taking a bath in peace, reading a book, sleeping, just doing nothing for a little while. It doesn’t have to be anything big but it does need planning in so it is seen as a priority rather than an afterthought. Some of the mums I talk to struggle to see doing something for them as being important because life is all about their baby and it’s difficult to put themselves first. …

Baby Sleep

Every parent wants more sleep and the battle to get more can be all-consuming. As a practitioner who speaks to a lot of parents with babies, I know how varied and exhausting baby sleep – and the lack of it – can be. A huge issue with baby sleep is that our expectations can be set too high. While some babies can sleep for many hours, many cannot and that is totally normal. Expecting this and planning around it could make the biggest difference to stress levels and support. Baby sleep facts Newborns may only sleep for up to 2 hours at time By 3 months, some babies will sleep for longer periods. 47% will wake 3-4 times By 5 months, 50% babies will be able to sleep for 8 hours on some nights (but not necessarily in one block of sleep) At 6 months, 84% of babies will wake atleast once By 12 months, 73% babies can sleep for 8 hours on most nights (but not necessarily in one block of sleep) and 50% …

Baby Development

Every baby develops at their own rate and they can change quickly from one week to the next. This is a basic guide to what babies might be able to do and enjoy within their first year. Baby Development – what might your baby be doing? 0-3 monthsRecognises your face, smell and voiceResponding to your smile and touchUses subtle body movements and facial expressions to communicateGrips your finger At this age, babies often respond well to looking at your face, along with contrasting colours and light. 3-6 monthsPushes his body up and shows interest in people and things he likesSitting with helpReaching for toysExploring toysPlaying with you Babies start to become more physical with rolling and sitting and they take more of an interest in the world around them. They will like toys and items they can explore and play with, especially with different colours, sounds and textures. A baby’s world opens up from 3 months when their eyesight has developed so they can look, play and explore. 6-9 monthsStarting to copy youPicking up small …

weaning tips

Weaning Tips

Weaning your baby onto solid food can be a time of conflicting information, myths and well-meaning advice. But you can keep it simple and follow your baby’s lead to keep it as stress-free as possible. Just get in touch here to find out more about my weaning workshops, which aim to take the stress out of moving on to solid food. My workshop looks at when and how to start, food and meal ideas, milk feeds, safety and moving on to more food when you are and your baby are more confident and ready. Janine – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting