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Free Toolkits

I have created 4 really useful, practical and informative toolkits for all parents to use: Relax & Breathe – simple and straight-forward techniques for everyone to use throughout your day, wherever you are. You can use these tools to: relax & de-stress head off any panic stay calm have an energy boost ease any discomfort use during pregnancy & birth help your baby settle Do Birth On Purpose – to encourage you to think about birth in a more strategic way. To focus on the birth you want and what that means What’s important for labour, birth, having a caesarean or being induced Gathering the right information, skills and coping strategies for you Beyond Birth – realistic expectations and more knowledge about looking after yourself and meeting the needs of your new baby. To focus on the first three months with your baby knowing more about how babies develop and grow knowing more about looking after yourself as a new parent Mother Cuppa – effective coaching tools for you to: focus on you think about …

free guides for pregnancy and birth

5 free practical guides for labour & birth

A range of labour and birth guides accompany my antenatal course and feature as part of the online community. These 5 guides are available for free Essentials For Labour & Birth Going Over Your Due Date Tips For Labour & Birth Your Birth Bag Your Birth Plan Just send a message below to be sent all 5 free guides antenatal & postnatal specialist | working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin