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new parent challenges

New Baby Challenges

The new baby challenges vary from family to family – some babies adapt easily to their new surroundings, while others need more time and reassurance as they adjust. It’s important to remember that no two days are the same for a baby because their brain is always developing and growing. Babies also react to any stress around them as well, which means they pick up on how we are feeling. If we are stressed, a baby may be more upset and need to cling more to us and it becomes a bit of a cycle. The early weeks with your new baby can feel chaotic with no routine or predictable patterns – this will most probably start to come after 3 months. While this chaos is very normal it can create stress and tiredness for you. How to look after yourself during the 4th trimester… Try not to battle with your baby – it is less stressful to work with your baby and to try to meet his needs. The early days and weeks can …

baby growth spurts

Growth Spurts In Babies

Growth spurts can affect behaviour as well as how settled or playful a baby is. This can also knock your confidence and question your ability to settle and soothe your baby. When do growth spurts happen? Every baby develops at their own rate and they can change quickly from one week to the next, especially in the early months. This is a rough guide to when growth spurts happen. For some babies, they are mild but for others they are intense, especially at 4 and 10 months. Changes in baby behaviour unpredictable – you may have thought you were getting to know your baby and then they seem to suddenly change harder to settle – babies can cry more and seem to be more fussy some babies are very sleepy while other babies could fight sleep most babies will need to cling and may only want mum – this about feeling safe as babies get older they may become shy with other people a strong need to suck – this can be calming babies can …

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Feeding Your New Baby

Good information, reassurance and links to useful support can be important as you learn to feed your new baby. These pages focus on the essential basics for feeding your new baby…

new parent essentials

New Baby Essentials

Good information and reassurance is important as you find your feet your with your new baby. These pages focus on providing you with essential knowledge, tips and suggestions for life with your new baby… Popular Posts…Loneliness of motherhoodCan I cuddle my baby too much?Enjoy Every Second?Making a rod for my back

baby massage

baby sleep and being exhausted

Most days I see mums and babies and the range of sleep – or lack of it – varies so much. Some babies sleep most of the night, others sleep in chunks of a few hours and the rest are up every hour. No two babies are the same and this is why books can be frustrating because your baby might not match their sleep descriptions. The reasons why babies wake frequently can be down to hunger and thirst, needing reassurance, discomfort from wind, reflux or teething or just not knowing how to get themselves back to sleep when they wake up. Sleep can be affected with growth spurts and developmental leaps – which despite apps such as Wonder Weeks – can be unique to your baby. The 2 biggest developmental leaps for your baby are around 4 months and at about 8-10 months (when brain/physical development is happening) when sleep could be at its worst but I have been around enough babies to know that it does vary a great deal. Frequent night-wakings and …