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are you ready for labour and birth

Ready for labour and birth?

Do you feel ready for labour and birth? As part of your preparation it is worth considering a few questions… *Do you feel confident about working with your contractions? *Do you know what your body needs to do to bring you your baby? *Do you know how to use your breathing to stay calm and focused? *Do you feel confident about using movement & positions? *Do you know what birth support might be helpful? *Do you know what could be helpful to you during labour? *Do you know what could be unhelpful during labour? These essentials can help you to feel comfortable, calm and better able to work with your contractions.

being induced

Do you feel confident about labour and birth?

Childbirth can be straightforward and empowering but it can also be challenging and a test of endurance so it is worth being equipped with good knowledge, practical skills and strategies, birth confidence and realistic expectations of both straightforward and more complicated labour. Going into labour without knowing more of what to expect could leave you struggling to stay calm and unable to work with your contractions. It can help to think about… Do you feel confident about working with your contractions? Do you understand what your body needs to do to bring you your baby? Do you know how to use your breathing to stay calm and focused? Do you have any questions about using movement & positions? What do you expect from your midwife? What birth support might you need? What could be helpful to you during labour? What could be unhelpful during labour? Do you know what an induction might involve and how to manage it? Do you know what a caesarean involves? If you need/choose an epidural, do you know how to …

Caesarean Preparation

Caesarean preparation is essential because the rate in the UK currently sits at about 26% with an fairly equal split between planned and unplanned. Reasons for caesarean can vary from medical need – to ensure the safety of both mum and baby; choice for personal reasons; preference if also faced with induction; labour and induction are taking a long time. As an antenatal teacher, I think it is important to know something about what to expect with a caesarean, even if you aiming to have as natural a labour as possible. Labour & birth can be unpredictable, so some caesarean preparation and knowledge could make a difference to you. If you are having a PLANNED CAESAREAN, you will have a pre-op appointment, this is opportunity to ask questions and to gather the information you may need to feel secure and to know what is going to happen on the day. If you are having an UNPLANNED CAESAREAN, so labour or induction has started, you should be informed of the reasons why a caesarean has become …

induction tips

Induction Tips

Induction tips are essential because you can think about what could make a difference to you. Induction can be needed for a number of reasons: for conditions such as gestational diabetes or obstetric cholestasis or because a baby becomes ‘overdue’. Induction currently sits at about 32% so its a common intervention which can be controversial and which women do choose to decline depending on why it is suggested. I work with a lot of new mums so conversation about birth is frequent – induction can work well for some women, their body just needs a little encouragement to get going but, for others, it is a slog, trying to convince their body to do something it just isn’t quite ready for. Using these induction tips… The reality is that induction can be tough but knowing what to expect and how to work with it could make a difference… RELAX & BREATHE: Just as with any labour, you need to be able to relax your body and use your breathing – this encourages hormone release and …

writing your birth plan

Writing Your Birth Plan

A birth plan can be an effective way to communicate your wishes. Some expectant parents are reluctant to make a birth plan because they would rather go with the flow. However, making a plan or listing your preference for labour and meeting your baby means you have thought about it. No two labours are the same and labouring women can have different needs and expectations. Writing something down can help your midwife to quickly get to know you, what matters to you and what you might want support with. My recommendation for your birth plan is to keep it simple, straightforward and focused on what is important to you. What are your preferences for labour? If your labour is straightforward, would you like your birth room to be undisturbed and calm? would you prefer to stay active and off the bed? would you like to use different positions to be comfortable and to help your contractions be more effective? Including if you have an epidural or an induction? are you planning on using your breathing …