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advocate for your partner

Birth Partner Tips: Advocate

Labouring women need to feel supported and safe and this can come from having a birth partner to gather information, ask questions, protect the birth space and to speak up for you is necessary. When labour is able to flow as it needs to, women can withdraw from the room to focus only on contractions, breathing and working with their body – conversation and being alert are often not part of strong labour. One of the roles of a birth partner is to protect this. Book a session with me if you have questions, need some additional support or preparation for birth & baby. antenatal & postnatal specialist | working with parents since 2002

tips for birth partners

Tips For Birth Partners

These tips for birth partners are about simple and effective ways to make a difference during labour and birth. Partners often want to know what they can do to be of help during labour. The key to birth support is to keep it simple and to follow your partner’s lead. Be positive and calm and provide practical support so she is comfortable and able to move around. 1. Provide plenty of positive encouragement especially if your partner is overwhelmed and feels like she can’t keep going. 2. Eye to eye contact and slow steady breathing will help to keep her calm and focused. 3. Try massage – the back, shoulders, scalp and hands can be beneficial if she wants to be touched. It can be great way to relax and rest in-between the contractions. 4. Speak quietly and gently, but also firmly when appropriate, to help your partner remain calm and focused. 5. Remind her to keep her jaw loose and to relax her shoulders. This will help her to get rid of any tension …