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mother cuppa challenge

Mother Cuppa Challenge

The Mother Cuppa Challenge is about you as a parent – reflecting on what is challenging and why, how you coped and could you have done anything differently. It’s also about focusing on the good stuff each day however small or perhaps seemingly insignificant. However much we love our children, being a parent can be hard work, it can be relentless and exhausting and it requires a lot of giving. I want to challenge you to focus on what you are doing well, to develop strong coping strategies and to find the good in the day when you can pause for a minute and how you can focus on the positives. This aims to give you a boost and to create a positive mindset about what can seem tedious or overwhelming. As a parent you will be overlooking so much of what you do with and for your children and it is easy to make it to bedtime without giving yourself a pat on the back. Or focusing on the tiredness or the frustration of …