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relax and breathe for birth

Tips to Relax & Breathe

Giving yourself the time to relax in pregnancy is a great way to prepare for the birth of your baby. And it’s not about just sitting back and watching a movie, focus on your body and become more aware of what it feels like when it is relaxed. Pregnancy is a good time to become aware of your body and to learn how to relax and how to deal with stress and anxiety. Simple relax & breathe exercises in pregnancy…Where to practise? Anywhere you feel comfortable – bed, bath, sofa, birth ball, the loo, in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil…How often? Practise every day if you can – just a few minutes will do the trick. And then use it if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Try…Doing Nothing – close your eyes and just sit/stand for a few minutes. Let any thoughts come and go, just be aware of what it feels like to just sit still. Being Aware Of Your Body – Sit/stand for a few minutes and focus on …