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Digital Courses

A range of digital antenatal and postnatal courses are available for you to go through at your own pace. They have been designed to provide you with a foundation of robust knowledge, practical skills, strategies and ideas. Each course comes with resources to read and use at home. Digital Antenatal Courses Digital Postnatal Courses The following courses will be available soon… 4th Trimester How Babies Work Baby Sleep Being A Mum Going Back To Work To find out more please don’t hesitate to send a message.Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parenting

Postnatal Sessions

A range of antenatal and postnatal workshops have been designed to provide you with essential knowledge and skills, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. Baby Massage My online baby massage course has been designed to be welcoming, supportive and friendly. Sessions take place over Zoom and I run small groups so there can be conversation with questions about all things baby and early parenting, along with baby massage. There are 5 sessions and each course comes with baby massage oil and resources to use at home. Mother Cuppa An informal online postnatal group with conversation, discussion, practical information and reassurance for parents with a baby. Mother Cuppa is all about a warm welcome and a safe space for conversation, questions and reassurance on all things baby. Weaning Workshop A monthly online workshop for parents to find out more about moving their baby onto solid food. It is an informal session so you can ask questions and gather all the information you need to ease any confusion or stress. Parents can also access resources to read …

Private Consultations

I specialise in personal sessions with expectant and new parents to focus on you as an individual – so you can gather the knowledge, support and reassurance you need for your pregnancy, for birth, for your baby and for you as a parent. Consultations can focus on: pregnancy birth preparation new babies and being a new parent baby sleep baby development and behaviour birth debrief being a parent going back to work juggling responsibilities stress & anxiety These are your sessions for your questions and they can be booked at a time to best suit you with daytime, evening and weekend sessions available. Each session is 90-minutes long – although I pencil in 2 hours at no extra charge in case you need longer as I don’t want to rush you. Just get in touch with any queries. Janine Smith | A specialist in pregnancy, birth and early parentingWorking with parents since 2002

Mother Cuppa Community

An online community for expectant and new parents to gather information & reassurance, to have conversations, discussions and to ask questions. My aim is to create a warm, welcoming and beneficial community for expectant and new parents. As an experienced practitioner, I will be there with information, to lead discussions and to provide links to other sources of information and support. This is a safe space for conversation, to ask questions and for ongoing support and reassurance during pregnancy and throughout the first year with your baby. Membership is only £25 each month – this includes: ongoing, trusted & robust knowledge, reassurance and strategies exclusive content & discussion focusing on pregnancy, birth and babies. links to relevant services & organisation, along with good reading for pregnancy, birth and early parenting access to online antenatal & postnatal courses access to online Mother Cuppa sessions access to online baby massage sessions regular lives with Q&A time building a support network working with an experienced antenatal & postnatal practitioner plus 10% reduction if you book personal consultations with …