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pregnancy maternity notes

Making sense of your pregnancy maternity notes

Your pregnancy maternity notes could be given to you at your booking appointment with your midwife. These are your handheld notes, to accompany your pregnancy – you will take them to every appointment and when you have your baby. Some NHS Trusts now provide digital notes, which can be accessed online. Your midwife will update it at every appointment, making a note of discussions and checks. Your pregnancy maternity notes will include: Your name, address and NHS number Your medical history and any relevant family medical history Details about any previous pregnancies and births Your antenatal appointments Results of blood tests Details of ultrasound scans Phone number for the maternity unit Information from midwife appointments: blood pressure, urine tests, baby’s movements and heart-rate. along with position in the womb and any engagement Measurement of baby’s growth Any issues during pregnancy Preferences for birth Your pregnancy maternity notes can include several abbreviations: Length of pregnancyEDD: estimated date of delivery or the date your baby is dueGA: gestational age, for example, 28+3 (28 weeks and three days pregnant)LMP: last menstrual period …

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Your Pregnancy, Birth & New Baby Guide

This guide is packed full of information, ideas and tips for you during pregnancy, for birth and as you adjust to life with your new baby. Your 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters Pregnancy Again Your Body Antenatal Checks Food, Exercise & Mental Health Your Birth Plan Your Birth Bag Relax & Breathe Positions For Labour & Birth Going Over Your Due Date Are You Ready For Labour & Birth? Preparing For Your New Baby Overview Of Labour & Birth Positions For Labour & Birth Relax & Breathe Birth Support Labour & Birth Checklist Essentials For Induction Essentials For Caesareans Birth Debrief Preparing For Your New Baby Meeting Your Baby Early Days Newborn Sleep Finding Your Feet As A Parent Your Body After Birth Reasons To Babywear Breastfeeding – The First 6 Weeks Breastfeeding Challenges Why Women Stop Breastfeeding Expressing Basics Sterilising Basics Bottle Feeding Combination Feeding Health Professionals Pregnancy & Birth Words Links To Useful Organisations Written by Janine SmithAs an experienced antenatal and postnatal practitioner, I wanted to write a useful guide, something full …

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