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hospital bag essentials

What are the hospital bag essentials?

Your hospital bag essentials are about having a few things to hand to help you feel more comfortable for labour, birth and when your baby is here. Whether you are planning to have your baby at home or in hospital, it can be useful to have a few essentials organised in case you need them. It can seem like you are taking a lot in to hospital but some of it can stay in the car and it may be better to take more so it’s there if you need it. If you are planning a home birth, it can still be useful to pack a birth bag of useful items – this means they are easy to find when you need them and you still have the things you need if you should transfer to hospital. Here’s a few ideas for your hospital bag essentials… For your baby… • Nappies, cotton wool, wipes• Formula and bottles if you are planning to formula feed or you want it as a back-up – the ready-made bottled …

pregnancy back pain

How can I ease pregnancy back pain?

Pregnancy back pain can be pretty common throughout all three trimesters and it can happen for a number of reasons. Even from early on in pregnancy, your body is changing which can cause pelvic, hip and back discomfort. As your baby gets bigger, you might notice more discomfort in your lower back, up your back, into your shoulders and maybe your hips as well. With pregnancy back pain, you might benefit from: a pregnancy pillow or a selection of pillows so you are more supported in bed or just when sitting in the day. using a pregnancy ball/birth ball – you can sit on one or kneel on the floor and lean into one. It is such a simple, effective tool for easing back pain and discomfort – just make sure it is the right size for you. using your breathing – this can help to ease discomfort and it’s great practice for birth. drinking plenty of water, just in case you are also getting dehydrated and that is causing discomfort. pregnancy yoga for gentle …