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Tips for using a birth ball and boosting positions in pregnancy and birth

Using a birth ball/pregnancy ball/gym ball in pregnancy is a really simple way of easing back and hip ache, especially in your third trimester. A common question that comes up is what size to get and I often see photos of pregnant women using a ball that is too small, which might not help with that back ache. A rough guide for birth ball sizes: if you are over 5ft 7in, you will most probably need a 75in ball, otherwise a 65in ball will be more suitable for you. Make sure it is fully blown so it is firm to sit on. How to know your birth ball is the right size for you… when you sit on the ball, it supports you rather than sinking into it your feet are comfortably flat on the floor your knees are lower than your hips and your knees feel comfortable your back is straight it feels stable to sit on it it feels comfortable Sitting securely on a ball means you can rock and sway, moving your …

are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water during your pregnancy?

This one is a simple one but it is really easy to forget this basic need when busy. When you are dehydrated you can feel dizzy and thirsty and you may have a headache. You might not be going to loo very often either. So, pregnancy can be a time to establish some simple habits for wellbeing. Some women make a note of what they are drinking, others just make sure they always have water with them. The Tommy’s website talks about aiming to drink about 1.5litres of water each day so a water bottle can be an easy way to track this. In addition to water you can include fruit teas, milk and juice. Always seek medical support if you are concerned about yourself or your baby. Even if it is just a feeling that something isn’t right. Book a session with me if you have questions, need some additional support or preparation for birth & baby. antenatal & postnatal specialist | working with parents since 2002

going over your due date

8 essentials to think about if you go over your due date

Your due date is set at about 40 weeks but most labours will start between 37- 42 weeks. It is easy to focus on that due date so if you go beyond it, you may feel like the countdown to induction has begun. Some women can then feel fed up and anxious. So what can you do about it? 1. Keep busy and distracted… Find stuff to do – get your house ready for your recovery and when your baby is here, cook, fill the freezer, meet friends, go for coffee, go on dates with your partner, go to the movies, go for a massage, go swimming, go for walks, read, relax, chill. And just potter and hangout – sleep, stay in pjs, watch movies. 2. Relax & rest… If you feel anxious or worried about going over your due date, try to relax. Being tense could prevent your labour from starting so you can use your relax and breathe techniques to relax as much as possible and try to remember that your baby will …