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What can impact your contractions?

Did you know that your contractions can be influenced by how safe and comfortable you feel in labour? Your contractions are created by a balance of hormones and oxytocin creates strong, regular contractions but this can be impacted by how you feel. So what can interfere with your oxytocin production and your contractions? All of these factors can mean that you can’t truly relax, rest and work with your contractions. Even if you are induced or have an epidural, it still helps to feel safe and supported. There is new post in the Mother Cuppa Lounge looking at contractions – what they are, how they work and what they need to be effective. Working with parents since 2002 | Janine Smith Practice – where you read and talk about pregnancy, birth, babies and early parenting Say hello…Instagram  | Linkedin

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How do I manage being pregnant in a heatwave?

I thought it was a worth a practical post to focus on managing in a heatwave while being pregnant, so here’s a few ideas for you: light, loose clothing drink plenty of water shade and ventilation as much as possible use a fan at home & work and carry one with you as well use a high factor sun cream rest as much as possible, especially as your nights might be disturbed take a cool bath or shower use cold water spray to help you cool down try not to overdo it and avoid rushing around, as this could make you hot if you have swollen ankles – avoid standing for too long and wear comfy shoes listen to what you need and take it easy if you have a headache or feel dizzy if temperatures are due to be dangerously high, do you need to be out in it? are you able to be comfortable and safe at home? Signs of being dehydrated being thirsty being tired and sleepy wee is dark yellow and …

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How can I keep my baby cool in the hot weather?

Here’s a few ideas to help during the heatwave… ventilation and shade try to keep your baby out of the sun close the curtains during the day to keep the heat out don’t cover your baby’s pram with a blanket – use a parasol or sunshade instead so the air can still circulate use a fan – you can also fan over ice cubes to circulate some cold air water cool baths, especially in the evening paddling pool in the shade during the day use a water spray and wet flannel if your baby is hot and uncomfortable offer water to drink to bottle-fed and older babies clothing reduce the bedding – this could mean changing to a thin sleeping bag or just using a sheet change their clothing to something light and loose or strip them down to a nappy if that makes them more comfortable other practical measures cuddles – some babies can be clingy because they feel uncomfortable older babies may want to be popped down on a cool mat breastfeed your …

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What are contractions and what can you do to manage them well?

We know that labour involves contractions but what are contractions? Your baby grows inside your uterus, which contains long muscles. In labour, these muscles need to shorten, to open and dilate the cervix. A contraction is the tightening of these uterus muscles which increase in frequency and intensity during labour and birth. The hormone oxytocin affects the pace and strength of contractions throughout labour and birth. The cervix responds to the oxytocin by opening when it is ripe and ready for labour. Oxytocin receptors across the uterus respond to the oxytocin by creating a contraction, which begins at the top of the uterus and then waves downwards. What are contractions: pattern and pace Every woman has their own pattern of contractions – typically they are about a minute long during established labour but this can vary, as can the pause in-between contractions. While contractions need to be strong and regular to be effective, there isn’t one pattern that is correct. Oxytocin is an essential part of labour and it has an influential role to play …

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Do I need a birthplan?

No! But a birthplan can be a powerful tool, it just needs to be realistic. Don’t actually expect to use a birthplan to plan or control because… it’s a way to communicate what matters to you it’s being included and informed it’s saying what your preferences are it’s saying what support you might need How to use a birthplan Writing a birthplan can help you to discuss, prepare and think about the birth of your baby, so you have the practical knowledge you need to be better informed for all births, not just your ideal birth. Include your partner so they are included and know more about how they can help and what you might need. You could also think of a birthplan as birth preferences, birth strategies or birth wishes. Or even as a letter to your midwife to say what could be useful for you, what matters to you and what you might need support with. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin