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Relax & Breathe Challenge

The Relax & Breathe Challenge is about bringing some simple and effective techniques into your life. This is not just about boosting your wellbeing, it is about having tools to rely on for stress, anxiety or being overwhelmed. Relax & Breathe is something I have used for years – personally and professionally. I teach it to parents, my teenagers use it, it eases my stress and anxiety and I have even completed relaxation therapy training. It is just breathing but it really helps with calm, focus, being overwhelmed and heading off panic. And, while the main focus of my practice is expectant and new parents, this is for everyone. You can use it everyday, to do something for you. It is gives a great boost in pregnancy, helping with aches and discomforts. It is essential for birth to stay calm, to have a focus and to work with contractions. And it is beneficial when your baby is here – for feeding, settling, to stay calm and to help your recovery. But it is for everyone …