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pregnancy cravings

I have heard that some pregnancy cravings are weird. Is this true?

Pregnancy cravings can be fabulously weird and wonderful and they can be pretty powerful with an over whelming urge to eat whatever it is you desire. It can vary from the healthier foods (fruit) to the not-so-healthy (sweets and fizzy drinks) with a range of odd combinations and non-foods (ice and clay) And you might not crave food at all – it could be all about smells. Here’s a selection of pregnancy cravings in your words… Double Deckers & bread. Nothing with too much flavour thank you very much! Sherbet Dib Dabs – couldn’t get enough of them Baby oranges and Mars Bar ice creams Ice lollies, cakes and sweets Clay Fruit Sponge chewing Pineapple Really cold water and apples Mint Magnums Broccoli and potato waffles Satsumas and cherry tomatoes Beetroot and ice cubes Blood oranges, sour strawberry laces and, erm, the small of rubber tyres in Halfords Capers, olives and anchovies Marmite as a dip for carrot sticks, pickled onions and cheese Chocolate milk and marmite toast Kiwi fruits and Big Macs Coco Pops …

hands holding pregnancy test kit

What can the different pregnancy symptoms feel like?

Pregnancy symptoms can vary so much – ranging from powerful to mild and some people don’t experience any symptoms at all. The common symptoms we focus on are sickness and nausea with sore boobs but the signs can be much more subtle than that. For many women it can about ‘just knowing’ or feeling a bit different. Your pregnancy symptoms will be totally unique to you. Here’s pregnancy symptoms in your words Sore boobs! I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome straight away The first time I was pregnant, I just knew as in I had a feeling – I did a test and there it was. I knew before I did a test and before my period was due. I took a test because the wine I was drinking tasted disgusting! Sore boobs from day one! I didn’t know until I had missed two periods – I thought I was stressed with my new job. And then morning sickness kicked in. I felt hungover for weeks Sense of smell, sore boobs and feeling sick Like a …

Parenting in the pandemic

What is your experience of parenting in the pandemic? I would like to collate and share your honest stories of the highs and the lows – which will be totally anonymous. I would love to know how parenting in the pandemic impacted any of these: pregnancy being induced labour & birth having a new baby having a baby or toddler babyloss It has been a tough year, affecting people in so many different ways and I would like to capture your experiences – the brilliant and the challenging – to document them and remember them. Please feel free to message me your stories and you can make it as brief or as long as you like. Please be reassured that your stories are in safe hands, which is why I will keep them anonymous, so you can speak freely. Working with parents since 2002 Say hello…Instagram | Facebook Group | Linkedin