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pregnant woman sitting on bed and reading book

Pregnancy Wellbeing

Pregnancy wellbeing can feel like an indulgence because pregnancy is natural, so what’s the fuss? While I don’t like a lot of fuss, pregnancy is just the time to start to focus on your wellbeing and what you need to feel as physically and mentally well as possible. The simple steps of pregnancy wellbeing can help you to feel well: rest when you need to and when you can swim, walk or do pregnancy yoga to ease aches and boost your energy levels breathe to de-stress, to be calm and to relax eat well and often – this isn’t a time to restrict food so healthy options throughout the day can help to ease any tiredness or nausea drink water throughout the day – it’s easy to become dehydrated de-stress – especially if you are busy with work as well as family life share how you feel if you are feeling low or isolated what do you need? focus on putting you first Finding what works and doing it will make a difference, so planning …