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  • have access to a range of digital birth & baby guides and resources
  • be able to learn and use relax & breathe techniques
  • receive exclusive antenatal & postnatal content
  • receive a 10% discount on consultations with me (as part of the annual subscription)
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With a space to read, learn, discuss and ask questions so you can feel more confident about birth and life with your baby.

I have created a wonderful little online space for expectant and new parents – away from social media – where you can gather information, ask questions and feel supported.

Regular Posts & Content

With weekly posts and a new podcast feature you can focus on and ask questions about different antenatal and postnatal topics.

Birth Guides

You can read a range of birth guides and resources in your own time.

  • Labour & Birth Essentials
  • Positions For Labour & Birth
  • Waterbirth
  • Having An Epidural
  • Being Induced
  • Challenges In Labour & Birth

Baby Guides

You can read a range of postnatal guides and resources in your own time.

  • 4th Trimester
  • How Babies Work
  • Baby Sleep
  • Weaning
  • Being A Mum
  • Going Back To Work

Relax & Breathe

With regular posts and audio resources you can use simple and effective techniques for pregnancy, birth and when your baby is here.

A Place For Discussion & Questions

With each post and email you will be able to ask questions, leave comments and discuss each one.

You can also take part in the weekly chat sessions, which can be general or focused on a particular topic. And to make life easier, you can take part on your phone.

“Janine has a wealth of knowledge and she happily answered our questions and gave use the reassurance we needed to feel better prepared and able.”

“We gained lots of information and tools that helped us make decisions for birth and when our daughter was here.”

“You gave us a wide range of information and points to consider in preparation for birth and life with our new baby.”

“Janine’s approach is warm, welcoming and direct, she provided information in a way that made sense to me.”


You can access all posts, discussions and workshops for the same price as a coffee a week and you can read, watch and listen in your own time.

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