Notes For Parents

Notes for parents aim to prompt discussion, to focus on you and to help you feel part of something that is working to connect parents. 

The notes are going to be brief – so they don’t take up much of your precious time – but they aim to be useful and they will hopefully give you a boost, an idea or the motivation for change or to encourage you to look after you.

And because these emails are short, you can read them in bed or on the go.

Notes For Parents
A little bit of a boost each month with some information, inspiration, motivation and a focus on your wellbeing

These parent notes are all about you – you won’t be spammed with sales or too many emails.

With the chaos of Covid, I have had the opportunity to reflect and refocus – I want you to have a boost, some inspiration, some help to de-stress, a range of good information and a reminder to look after yourself.

You can sign up for Parent Notes here…

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Notes For Parents

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