Notes For Parents

Notes for parents is about thought-provoking and practical information, to focus on your needs as a parent. 

The notes are going to be brief – so they don’t take up much of your precious time – but they will be useful, giving you a boost, an idea or some motivation. And because these emails are short, you can read them in bed or on the go.

Notes For Parents
A little bit of a boost each month with some information, inspiration, motivation and a focus on your wellbeing.

Each email will include something for parents in pregnancy, for birth, with babies and with older children.

Relax & Breathe Challenge – is for everyone
Mother Cuppa Approach – is for all parents
Do Birth On Purpose – is for expectant parents
Beyond Birth Approach – is for expectant and new parents

These parent notes are all about you – you won’t be spammed with sales or too many emails.

With the chaos of Covid, I have had the opportunity to reflect and refocus – I want you to have a boost, some inspiration, some help to de-stress, a range of good information and a reminder to look after yourself.

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