Online Birth & Baby Preparation

During this unique time, I am continuing to provide 1:1 sessions for expectant & new parents with Zoom & phone calls.

I have reduced the cost of my sessions but please do get in touch if you would like to look at other options.

I provide 1:1 Birth & Baby Preparation sessions for expectant parents, which run over Zoom as well as over the phone. These sessions provide information, support and reassurance for parents who want to be more informed and better prepared for labour and birth, for induction, for a caesarean, for looking after their baby and becoming parents.

1:1 Sessions include:

*pregnancy anxiety
*birth debrief
*birth preparation
*baby preparation
*relax & breathe
*new parent support
*baby sleep support
*baby massage

Just get in touch to arrange your 1:1 sessions.

I have also created two online antenatal course packages for you to benefit from practical information, videos, tips and worksheets to use in pregnancy as well as during labour, birth and when your baby is here.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any queries.

Janine Smith – a specialist in pregnancy, birth and parent wellbeing