Online Membership

Online Membership

Your Online Membership is an exclusive way for expectant and new parents to…

  • gather information
  • have conversations & discussions
  • ask questions
  • benefit from ongoing sessions, support and reassurance

This is about having continued access to experience and knowledge and being able to ask questions during your pregnancy, as you prepare for birth and throughout the first few months with your baby.

online membership

Online membership is only £20 each month
and it is an option which is packed full of benefits.

Your membership will provide you with…

  • more clarity and focus and a place to ask questions away from the noise of conflicting information and agendas
  • ongoing, reliable & useful knowledge & strategies
  • regular content & discussion focusing on pregnancy, birth, babies and being a parent
  • links to services & organisations, along with ideas for good reading
  • a schedule of online antenatal workshops:
    Labour & Birth Essentials
    Positions For Labour & Birth
    Using A Birth Pool
    Having An Epidural
    Challenges in Labour & Birth
    Being Induced
    Having A Caesarean
    Beyond Birth
    With a range of resources to use in your own time.
  • a schedule of online postnatal workshops:
    The 4th Trimester
    How Babies Work
    Being A Mum
    Baby Sleep
    Going Back To Work
    Managing Stress & Tension
    Birth Recovery & Debrief
    With a range of resources to use in your own time.
  • Relax & Breathe – an online course with audio resources to use in your own time plus regular posts to encourage you to bring simple and effective relaxation and breathing techniques into your day.
  • Do Birth On Purpose – regular posts with information and resources to personalise your birth preparation.
  • Beyond Birth – regular posts with resources to help you prepare for and adjust to life with your new baby.
  • weekly Q&A sessions
  • online baby massage sessions plus access to videos and downloadable resources to watch in your own time
  • ongoing access to videos & resources to use in your own time
  • audio content about pregnancy, birth, baby & early parenting
  • a knowledgeable, trusted and experienced antenatal & postnatal practitioner

How does the online membership work?

Once you have set up your monthly payments you will:

  • receive regular emails so I can keep in touch and send you links to new posts and online workshops and sessions.
  • be able to use a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and also access links to online posts, workshops and sessions.
  • be invited to monthly antenatal and postnatal online workshops where you can ask questions.
  • have continued access to articles, videos and resources for birth, baby and you.

Just use this link to set up a monthly payments.

You will then be sent an introductory email with all the membership details.

A few words about why I created this online membership…

Pregnancy and the first year with your baby are times of highs and lows as you learn, adjust and take on both responsibility and vulnerability.

As parents, the core of it all is you. You are the person who is pregnant, you are the person who births and it is you who parents. You make the decisions, you feel the emotions, you live with the decisions, you get through the days and you try to do the right thing.

I wanted to create a safe and welcoming online space where you can work with an experienced practitioner for ongoing information, support and reassurance that goes beyond classes.

With consistent knowledge, learning, discussion and questions you can benefit from an experienced perspective to complement your medical care during pregnancy, as you plan for birth and when your baby is here.

It is about a dependable place so don’t feel like you are doing this on your own.

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