Postnatal Guides

This range of postnatal guides have been designed for you to complete at your own pace. Packed full of experience and expertise, each one will provide you with a foundation of robust knowledge, practical skills, strategies and ideas.

Each guide is clear and practical, based on evidence, experience and listening to parents. With resources to read and use at home, each one is interactive and can be personalised to you.

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Enhancing your knowledge and skills with a foundation of robust information, strategies and tips on specific postnatal issues.

4th Trimester Guide

  • an introduction to the 4th trimester
  • common questions and comments
  • the impact on you as a new parent
  • preparing your home for your new baby
  • your new baby’s needs
  • your needs as a new parent
  • looking after yourself
  • potential challenges
  • interaction & development
  • working together
  • expectations
  • what can help you

How Babies Work Guide

  • what babies need
  • your baby’s brain and stress
  • responding to your baby
  • simple baby cues
  • baby development
  • growth spurts
  • interaction & play
  • babies and sleep
  • separation anxiety
  • clingy babies
  • challenges for your baby
  • challenges for you
  • your expectations
  • the impact on you
  • what can help you

Baby Sleep Guide

  • baby sleep cues
  • baby brain development, sleep needs and the different reasons why babies need to wake in the night
  • creating a safe sleep environment
  • night-time parenting
  • gentle daytime routines, depending on the age of your baby
  • coping strategies for managing with less sleep

Weaning Guide

  • where to start and how to move on to different food
  • how you can do it – purees, mush and baby-led, plus a combination of methods
  • food, snack and meal ideas
  • what can help and what you can expect
  • the practical stuff – equipment, mess and keeping it safe

The following guides will be available soon…

  • Being A Mum
  • Going Back To Work

You can access all the postnatal guides online on a laptop, tablet or phone and download the resources to read and use as you need them.

Postnatal Guides: how they work…

  • Simply buy your guide and you will receive an email with all the information you need to access the information and resources.
  • You can go through the guide in your own time.
  • It can be helpful to jot down information and questions.
  • The resources include worksheets to personalise the information.
  • You can message me to arrange your 1:1 session – I am available for daytime, evening and weekend sessions to work around your schedule.
  • And this can all in the comfort of your own home with a cuppa.

You can also arrange 1:1 sessions with me to talk through any questions and to feel more informed, supported and reassured.

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